Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Here is another first time Camp Amazon camper Luana with Saraid. Luana is 11 years old and has advance arthritis. She is unable to run and play games like the rest of the kids due to limited use of her arms and legs. Last night she told the entire camp how loved and accepted she has felt and the joy that is in her heart! Yeah God !!! We try to meet each camper at where they are at to challenge and encourage grown in their faith and purpose in Christ!


This is Rodolfo our Camp Amazon Director with Noé and first time camper. Noé came to us from a very difficult background. Noé came to camp addicted to cocaine, and harboring deep resentment against anyone in authority. It was a difficult first few days but God is faithful and with the messages and team building at camp, we have seen amazing change and transformation. Noé received Jesus and made the decision to allow us to help him. He is back for a second week, helping Rodolfo and continuing to have his heart ministered too. He would have never had a chance to go to Camp Amazon if it was not for your prayers and support.

This year on our third week of camp we opened it up to our 15 to 20 youth (another first this year). As these youth walked through the door for registration I looked at Rodolfo my assistant and said “this isn’t kid’s camp anymore”. They were the cool youth, the “mom made me come to camp” , the “I am here for the sports”, and the rough and tough youth. The first night went a little slow and very little emotion was shown on the mostly serious faces. The following day brought forth difficult sports competitions and challenging straight talk in the teaching time as well as small group.
The staff and I felt the resistance in the atmosphere, therefore the leaders and I joined for prayer as we knew something had to break with these youth, we needed soft hearts and healing to take place. The problems and lives that some of these youth live make anything we adults have dealt with seem minor. We needed to see sexual confusion broken, addictions of every kind broken, healings of the hearts and God’s presence to be made manifest. The last two nights we brought forth strong messages and the youth responded with joy, upraised hands, and eager desire for more. It seems like everybody wanted more of Jesus among these youth, earlier in the week considered so unreachable. Most wanted the Holy Spirit! Most wanted prayer! Most wanted clean hearts, more love and joy, more of His Presence. We are not ashamed of enthusiasm; evening meetings like this are to us a time for emotional release, a gift from heaven, Peruvian-style! And the Holy Spirit backs us up...

Camp Amazon ages 12-14

Week two and this week we had 12-14 year olds running around the camp. This is our first year to offer camp to this age group. As this was a challenge it proved to be full of rewards. The camp week started off with games, competitions and the first night a strong message of salvation and God’s call and purpose. The second night was teaching on the Holy Spirit, well, God broke out and we saw such freedom in worship, liberation and healing take place. The Camp Amazon team was busy late that night praying and loving on these precious youth. God has lent these youth to us and our desire is to see them changed forever.

Camp Amazon ages 8-11

Week one and four was for 8-11 year olds so full of life and energy, so much energy that our guides and leaders wondered if they would ever run out of it. These kids teach us so much, we learn from them. Through these crazy, curious, hungry kids, God teaches us about the Kingdom, and what it means to be a true child of God. In fact the Bible says in Matthew 18:3 that unless we are like these children we will never get into the kingdom of God. What a privilege and honor it is to be able to play in the dirt and worship under the stars with these king’s kids! It is so easy to share the Word with these kids as their faith is transforming. During worship time the sweetness of God would come and rest on them as they told God how much they love Him.

It is all abot their faces!!

Today is the third day of our fifth week of camp at Camp Amazon and everyone is really dirty, clothes are soggy and feet caked with mud. We really look like a sight. But the excitement in the air and the joy is undeniable from the love of God. Every week has been so distinctly different just the same way God has created each and every one of his children different and unique yet we all are called sons and daughters of God

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I have never been to a Camp before, I am meeting so many new friends and my guide has been so good to me. Thank you God for all this fun and this week. ~Cecy (age